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  • Disziplin
    • Race
  • Niveau
    • Fortgeschritten
  • Zustand
    • Neu
  • Garantie
    • 1 Jahr
  • Geschlecht
    • Herren
  • Jahr
    • 2017
  • Typ der bindungen
    • Frei
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Born from the evolution of SL WORLD CUP, thanks to many studies of ATK RACE  engineers who once again  managed  to raise their performance. Even more lightweight, fast and durable!

This binding is the simplification of the previous model, together with an the implement of some systems. The mono link system applied on the toe part, allowed a further easing (-5grammi); the development of springs boosted  the performances achieved during the hooking despite being halved (two instead of the four of the previous model).

Thanks to this development there was obtained a lightening of the system and at the same time a tightening of the locking system of the push rod making it even more solid. The SL EVO provides a geometry of the front lever even softer during locking / unlocking and a better perception of the end stop of the same.

A new type of treatment allowed to obtain more of the surfaces sliding without inconvenient adhesion of snow. As for the heel part, it has been further improved the geometry of the coupling system and has been applied a new system for disassembly / assembly of the heel cover without having to remove the spring “U.

The SL EVO provides  an accessory  rampant  support easily installed / removed (weighing just 8 grams) as needed. To have the rampant support, it will no longer be necessary to dismantle thebinding from skiing but you can insert or remove the accessory by 2 simple screws. This accessory is universal, compatible with model REVOLUTION.


SEMI-AUTOMATIC LOCKING SYSTEM®: A spring manages the front lever of the toe part and favors coupling and locking.

ADJUSTABLE HEEL COVER SYSTEM®: It adjusts perfectly the  hardness of rotation of the heel cover

Gewicht (g) Unit weight


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In the 1970's, a forest ranger has made a startling discovery: caught in an avalanche, he owed his salvation to the game he was wearing on the shoulders, since the latter has enabled him to keep at the surface of the snow. This experiment of increasing the volume of the body was later renewed through containers and balloons, the principle of ABS airbag system was born. ABS Peter Aschauer is a dynamic company and in growth, managed by its owner. Passionate about winter sports, the company is specialized in avalanche safety. The ABS airbag for avalanche is distributed in more than 25 countries in the world.