Artikelnummer : 1040609.241.1

POTION 76 +ER3 10

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Artikelnummer : 1040609.241.1

POTION 76 +ER3 10

Ausführliche Beschreibung ansehen
K2 K2
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  • Disziplin
    • Allround
  • Niveau
    • Mittelmässig - Gut
  • Zustand
    • Neu
  • Garantie
    • 1 Jahr
  • Geschlecht
    • Damen
  • Jahr
    • 2015
  • Empfohlene Größe
    • 5-15 cm kürzer
  • Camber

K2 POTION 76 +ER3 10 2015

POTION 76 +ER3 10



- Poplar/Paulownia/maple core

- All Terrain Rocker: This Rocker has been developed to be used in all snow conditions. The raised tip improves performance on variable and soft snow and facilitates the release curve, while the camber underfoot provides power, energy and edge grip on hard snow needed.

- Metal Laminate: It features two sheets of ultralight titanium alloy applied on the whole length of the ski. Laminated-metal skis are the most efficient and complex technology of the K2 range. This construction includes glass fiber and titanium layers over and below the wood starting at the ski's sole. The laminated metal provides cushioning, precision and flawless performance for the expert skiers.

- Hybritech Sidewall: - Hybritech is a unique blend of "cap" construction and construction with straight edges. It combines the accuracy, power, and performance of the edges under the feet with the lightness and ease of cornering that characterizes the skis with "cap" construction.

- Triaxial Braid: This patented process consists o surrounding the nucleus of woven glass fiber to increase the torsional stiffness and increase control. Triaxial fiber skis have great power and snap but are easy to use.

- K2 Marker ER3 System: The K2/ER3 (Energy Response Plate) is a ski/plate/binding system designed for both amateur and expert skiers. The ER3 is shorter, and thus less stiff than the men's ERP system, giving the ski a softer flex and reducing its weight by about 500 g. This system uses a 2-point toe piece lightened by 20% and a fixed Compact2 heel piece for more energy, precision and speed under the foot

- Mod Technology: The high performance suspension system Mod absorbs vibrations and impacts on the entire length of the ski for bringing a more straightforward edge and advantage of power and control. The Mod is a secondary core which flexes and moves on the primary node to avoid damage on the general flex of the ski

- Skin Grommets : All the Adventure skis are provided with a hole at both ends. The holes are covered, and can be opened simply with a flat-head screw, for use in ski touring. They are primarily designed for the installation of skins, but can also be used in the manufacture of a rescue sledge in backcountry, and also for marking support points in the snow.

- Tapered tip and tail

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K2 wurde 1961 von den Brüdern Bill und Don Kirschner auf Vashon Island in der Nähe von Seattle in den Vereinigten Staaten gegründet.
K2 ist für seine avant-gardistische Ski-Technologie mit Glasfaser bekannt, durch die die Skier leichter und reaktiver werden als ihre Zeitgenossen aus Metall und Holz. Die amerikanische atypische Marke, Hersteller Nr. 1 in den Vereinigten Staaten, ist bekannt für ihre innovativen Produkte und bietet eine breite Produktpalette und New-school mit mehr oder weniger Rocker-Spitzen an.
Der Konzern K-2 Sport legt die K-2-Ski, das K-2.Snowboard sowie Line, Full-Tilt, Ride, Morrow oder auch Madshus zusammen. Er ist Teil des Großkonzerns Jarden, der Marken wie Völkl und Marker, mit Camping Gaz, Spontex oder Mapa, aber auch ganz andere Bereiche zusammenlegt.